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Some ambulance companies (both ground and air) offer membership programs, and some do not. Some of the companies who do not offer membership programs have been consistently working to convince state lawmakers to take away your choice to have a membership. Only you know what’s right for your loved ones and you should be able to decide if a membership is right for you.

As part of the competitor’s effort to eliminate your access to membership, the National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) will be considering a vote in November on the Air Ambulance Membership Plan Model Act. An alternative solution has been offered that is consumer friendly, rather than picking sides between competitors. NCOIL has not responded to the proposed alternative, which is concerning.

Our goal remains the same; to provide you, our member, the option to protect your finances in the event you or your loved ones need these lifesaving services.

MYTH #1: Membership will no longer be valid once the No Surprises Act takes effect. This is simply not true. The No Surprises Act is a new federal law that, starting January 1, 2022, prevents out-of-network providers from charging patients amounts above in-network rates – effectively achieving what we have long advocated for – a tangible solution that takes patients out of the middle. AMCN protected patients against out-of-network charges well before the No Surprises Act. While the No Surprise Act and greater in-network coverage are significant inroads to fully protecting patients form financial hardship, they do not eliminate the need for membership. Patients will still be responsible for co-insurance and deductibles, even after the No Surprises Act takes effect. With a membership, patients who are flown by an AirMedCare Network provider will have no out-of-pocket cost in relation to their flight, including co-insurance and deductibles. Moreover, patients that are uninsured will see no benefit from the No Surprises Act but, will benefit from membership. For more information on the No Surprises Act, please click here

MYTH #2: Membership is the same thing as insurance. The AirMedCare Network membership is a pre-paid discount to our providers’ charges if a member is transported by one of our affiliated participating providers. The U.S. Department of Transportation has exclusive consumer protection authority over the rates of our providers, including membership programs. DOT provides uniform oversight and treatment of membership programs and sufficient protection and recourse for consumers. Allowing various state Departments of Insurance to become involved will result in a patchwork of inconsistent and conflicting regulations. Global Medical Response (the company that owns the providers in the AirMedCare Network) has won two back-to-back lawsuits against the state of West Virginia, proving the state could not regulate air ambulance memberships under its pre-existing insurance statutes nor under its new statutes (statutes that a competitor of AMCN help craft). We also saw Wyoming reverse course this year on air ambulance membership regulation. Wyoming’s enactment of a statute regulating membership as insurance, forced AMCN to stop selling memberships in Wyoming. After members made clear to the state legislators and WY DOI that they wanted the choice to purchase memberships, the state reversed course and no longer treats memberships as insurance.

Why does membership matter?



If you experience a life-threatening injury, our network providers can provide swift transport to the nearest appropriate hospital.



If flown by an AMCN provider, our services are 100% covered, so you can recover without worry.



The cost of emergency air transport can be significant, even with insurance.


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Dispatch decisions are controlled by emergency medical personnel, and membership does not guarantee that you will be transported by an AMCN provider.

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How can membership benefit you?

Protect your membership by contacting your local NCOIL Committee representative.

We need your help to stop this vote!

We are encouraging members to contact their local representatives today and tell them that state regulation of air ambulance memberships has no benefit to you, their constituent. To the contrary, it only increases the risk of you not having the choice to purchase a membership.

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