Providing care to the greater Sierra Nevada region at a moment's notice

Team work makes the dream work – and our dream is comprehensive regional and national coverage for our patients living in the greater Sierra Nevada region! REMSA Health / Care Flight and AirMedCare Network are now working together to make it easier than ever to take advantage of both programs with just one payment! Care Flight and AirMedCare Network memberships offer an alliance of affiliated helicopter and airplane air ambulances that provide medical treatment and transport, dramatically reducing travel time to an emergency facility for members and non-members alike.

Members of the Care Flight and AMCN programs enjoy the added value of never having to worry about out-of-pocket expenses when transported by a participating provider.  Ensure peace of mind whether you’re at home or traveling across the United States.

AirMedCare Network is now the administrator for REMSA Health Silver Saver and Care Flight Membership Programs

Available Memberships:

Learn about each membership type, and how each can add financial protection and peace of mind.

Membership Information

Coverage Area

Sierra Nevada Region

Full U.S. Coverage (AMCN)


As one of the top ambulance systems in the nation, REMSA Health is always ready to assist when you need it most. A REMSA Health Silver Saver membership protects your finances just like REMSA Health protects your life, health, and safety.

If you or someone in your family needs transport via a REMSA Health ambulance, will your out-of-pocket expenses be covered? REMSA Health’s average ambulance bill is over $1000 – lower than most comparable programs in the nation. But if you have a high Medicare or insurance deductible, or are on a fixed income, it may be difficult to cover these costs. If you require a medically necessary ambulance transport service, a Silver Saver membership covers your entire household against out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles and copayments that may not be covered by your insurance policy, Medicare, or other health benefits payor.

Silver Saver, is limited to Washoe County, NV and is not an insurance policy, nor is it meant to be a substitute for health insurance. If you have no insurance or other coverage, or if your insurance company or other payor denies payment, you will be responsible for the payment of the fees for those services. In that case, Silver Saver members enjoy a 30 percent discount.

Structured as an annual purchase of just $75, Silver Saver covers your household for up to 10 medically necessary REMSA Health ambulance transports per year. With Silver Saver, you’re covered whether you live at home, in a senior living center, or nursing home. Silver Saver does not cover Care Flight, REMSA Health’s emergency helicopter service.


If you ski, mountain bike, boat, hike or camp near northern Nevada’s or northeastern California’s beautiful backcountry, Care Flight’s Flight Plan is right for you. The value and coverage provided by Flight Plan is also right for retirees, senior citizens, families and for anyone who lives, works and plays in the Great Basin community.

Structured as an annual purchase, a $65 Flight Plan membership will cover reasonable, out-of-pocket costs if medically necessary air ambulance transport is needed. Flight Plan membership extends to everyone in your household. Care Flight will work with a patient’s insurance company to maximize coverage, but for any remaining charges, a membership may save you thousands of dollars.

From the effective date of your membership, there is a three-day waiting period until you may access the Flight Plan membership benefits.

AirMedCare Network

Membership brings peace of mind.

AirMedCare Network providers can be there for all patients in urgent need, but membership adds another important layer of financial protection. It’s important to know that your insurance may not cover the total cost of emergency treatment and transport. Even with the most comprehensive coverage, typical out-of-pocket costs like co-pays and deductibles will still apply. These charges could end up being substantial. Members have added peace of mind, knowing their flight expenses are completely covered when flown by an AirMedCare Network provider.

Our air ambulance membership network is the largest in the country, deploying from 320 locations across 38 states—and we’re continuously expanding to additional bases. You can see if you’re within our coverage area by entering your zip code below.

How Emergency Air Ambulance Service works:


If a medical professional determines someone is in need of emergency medical transport, they may decide that air ambulance is the fastest and safest option.


When we’re called, AirMedCare Network providers respond with experienced, highly-trained crews and aircraft equipped with the latest life-saving and life-support equipment.


Patients are transported to the nearest appropriate hospital for continuing care.


When you’re an AMCN member, you can recover without financial worry, knowing all out-of-pocket expenses are completely covered.